G18 P19 …Eighteen Unbooked Pregnancies and 19 home deliveries.


click here The 12 Siblings who survived to 40 and beyond

get link It was a dramatic change for my Grandmother , my Velliammachy, to go from a Tomboy-climbing-trees to a Child-Bride. She did this switch, with great aplomb, as her Guardian Angel worked overtime. She survived 18 unbooked pregnancies, with no antenatal care and delivered 19 children at home, in her own bed..

follow url An Obstetric Nightmare, in any Text Book , in any Language, in any Font.

see url For a while, it seemed as if the stork deposited a baby, every year at the House by the Banyan Tree near the Canal. Only two boys broke the rhythm, to arrive as Twins at places 5 and 6.

http://heatherbestel.com/2010/04/connie-greens-30-day-blogging-challenge-day-18-and-still-going-strong/ The village joked about the prolific Cadavanaltharayil family, which was rapidly growing into an Institution. Some sniggered. Some chuckled. Some wondered if there was something in the water they drew from their well. Many of them were a tad jealous, as they watched a happy, self-sufficient family and their brood gather around the table for births and deaths, weddings and funerals. The Cadavanaltharayil Johns were everywhere. They occupied serial pews in the local CMS Church and the rest of the congregation squeezed in, apologetically, after that.

http://salsiando.com/finelit/4614 There were no birth certificates issued, to validate the claim, that they could have held the record, for the couple with the highest number of children, in their time. My grandfather, my Velliappachan, made meticulous entries of the births and deaths of his children in the Old Family Bible. With time, these entries smudged and faded.

http://adamsisco.com/?mikity=rencontre-en-ligne-sans-abonnement&8b1=b5 An educated guess would suggest that the increase in the Cadavanaltharayil Clan happened over 28 reproductive years.

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