Christ Church , Singapore . mrsamuel
Rev. Canon Paramanantham Israel Samuel Baboo
Founder Vicar of Christ Church, Singapore

follow When Singapore was discovered by Sir Stamford Raffles, in 1819, migrant workers and others, came in from all over the world to populate a tiny cosmopolitan island, where cultures and races met and lived peacefully. Christians, of all denominations , languages  and races, used to worship together.  These services were held in English at the St. Andrews Cathedral, founded in 1830. Many of these migrants were Tamil speaking and they found praise and worship in  English, unfamiliar, distant and alien.  Understandably, religious worship is more meaningful in one’s own mother tongue, the language you grew up with , at your mother’s knee.

rencontre femme pour mariage belgique The Tamil Christian Migrants were used to hearing the Bible read out in Tamil. They were used to listening to the sermon in Tamil. They missed singing their devotional Keerthanas to Carnatic Ragas.  They were homesick for their homes and their families, as many of the men had ventured out alone, to seek employment in an unknown land. They missed India and they missed the form of worship they were used to in India. Some of them were uncomfortable sitting on benches, as most of them, sat on the floor of their home churches, for services on Sunday. Most of the Migrant Christians felt the same way, including the Chinese speaking members of the congregation. They preferred to worship in their mother tongue.

video webinar opzioni binarie Eventually, responding to the need of the congregation, St Peter’s Church was dedicated on Stamford Road in 1875. This was the time-share Home church for the Tamil and all the other migrant congregations that grew from the Anglican congregation of St. Andrew’s Cathedral. The Tamil congregation at St. Peter’s Church, was looked after by priests and missionaries posted from India.

follow link Three years aft my Mum and Dad were married, my Dad left India in 1939 and sailed to Singapore to serve the Tamil Congregation in Singapore. My Mum was still in India completing her MBBS at the Madras Medical College. The plan was that she would join him later, when she finished her course.

watch Time share, in one building, the St. Peter’s Church,  was not a comfortable option, as the congregations grew. There was a paucity of slots available for services . Slowly the congregations moved to their own church buildings, where they did not have to share time, or wait in queues, to worship in their mother tongue with the growth of the diocese linguistically. 58,000 square feet had been bought at No 1 Dorset Road, by my Dad’s predecessor, Rev. Canon C.D Gnanamani to build a church for the Tamils Congregation of St. Peter’s Church

click My Dad, was the incumbent Priest in charge of the Anglican Tamil Congregation when the foundation stone for Christ Church was laid at No.1 Dorset Road on St. Luke’s Day, October 18th 1940 , by the Rt. Rev. B.C. Roberts, the Bishop of Singapore and Malaya. This was an absolute act of faith in a world whispering war tones and where there were no resources to build luxury commodities like Churches.

I later learned, that whenever my Dad laid the foundation stone for any new building or extension, there may have been very little in the Bank to start the building. He always started in Faith and placed his trust and resources to The One who had blessed him in ways that cannot be counted or recalled.The money for the construction always flowed as easily as his prayers .

ashwagandha buy Christ Church was my Dad’s brainchild. He worked tirelessly, to raise funds for the building and he supervised the construction as it came up brick for brick. On the eve of Palm Sunday, the 5th of April 1941, Christ Church was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Singapore, the Venerable Graham White, who was also the Commissary of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

buy levitra vardenafil My Dad, served the Tamil Congregation of Christ Church for 33 years till he retired in 1972 . He was the longest serving priest of Christ Church. Affectionately known as The Pathriar.

exelon to buy first energy Christ Church was his whole life.



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