Happy Ever After.

enter Opposites definitely attract, and if one is lucky , opposites stay happily married ever after.

i am dating a personal trainer My grandparents, My Velliappachan and My Velliammachy, were as different as chalk and cheese, both in looks as well as in character.

http://ligaspanyol.net/?mikroskop=rencontre-femme-par-gsm&e3e=0f My Velliappachan, my Grandfather, was a kind-hearted person with gentle ways, who looked as if he had fallen off his harp and wandered off to earth by mistake. His travels as a missionary, took him all over Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Ceylon and he brought the world home to his wife and his children, with anecdotes of the people he had met and the places that he had seen.

follow url His favourite spot, when he was at home, was a recliner on the front porch. Shaded by the old Tamarind Tree, he would rest on an ergonomically correct wooden armchair, with movable arm-boards that could be pushed out as foot rests when relaxing. The little ones would climb onto his lap and he would tell them all sorts of stories about his travels and answer their baby questions with the patience of his profession.

http://ekermuhendislik.net/?figarofit=donde-conocer-chicas-en-arequipa&199=72 My Grandmother, my Velliammachy, was the fire-brand, the spirited one in the marriage. The one who dealt with the daily hiccoughs of a large household and labour in the field. She got through the day as if she had twelve hands and eyes all over her head, taking time off only to have the babies.

go site There was very little that she missed and she had a pretty good idea of, who had done what, where, when and to whom. Rumour had it, that she was extremely strict with her daughters, till they got married, making sure that they could cook, sew, keep house and conduct themselves with decorum. She, too, must have worried about her daughters, as her mother had worried about her, years ago.

créer un site de rencontre qui rapporte She was, on the other hand, extremely kind to her daughters-in-law. Many of them were child brides, in their teens, when they came to stay with her. They had left their homes and loved ones, to make their lives with strangers and her family became theirs. She understood them, as she had been a child bride herself, like them, not so very long ago.

citation rencontre amoureuse inattendue My Mum, Saramma, was the 5th of their 19 children.

rencontre ado gay sans inscription The dreaded Typhoid stalked and ruthlessly claimed the lives of many of the siblings, in the pre-Chloramphenicol era. Disease, death and disaster rounded off the survivors to an even dozen of six girls and six boys.

source link 12 siblings crossed 40 to became adults with families of their own and 57 children of the second generation, grew up as first cousins in a world, completely different to the one their parents described.

My mum , Saramma, was the eldest of the surviving 12.

With inputs from my cousin, Sunnychaen, George Chandy John , one of the 57 cousins and the eldest of the surviving cousins.

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