Only-Child-of-Elderly-Parents Syndrome

click here My classmates in school, thought that it was strange that I was punished, when I was an only child.

go here Singletons, are usually spoilt and pampered, I am told. Not this one. Corporal punishment, in my case, was to kneel in a corner. Kneeling, would soon turn to crouch, before sit, until someone remembered or noticed that I was punished, but not upright and not weight bearing on my skinny knees. They were extremely strict with me. because they wanted to toughen me for life without them. They wanted me to survive after they were gone. And I do thank them immensely for their Tough Love. If there was a prize, for the most protective Indian parents in Singapore, mine would have walked away with it, as there would have been no competitors, even close, for the title. I was never allowed to learn cycling, swimming or driving, as they were terrified that I would hurt myself

site de rencontre flamand gratuit No swimming…you’ll drown!
No cycling….you’ll hurt yourself!
Driving?…….Are you mad?

see url I am convinced, that these basic essential skills, have to be acquired, when you are young and nimble, with all your senses about you. The lack of these skills proved to be a serious handicap later in my life. When I went to train, at the Leprosy Hospital at Carville in the US of A, I felt like an idiot.  The hospital sprawls over several acres and several miles separate the wards. Every human being, on the old Plantation that houses Carville, knew cycling and traveled from point A to point B, on a cycle.  Except for me. I was the only freak, who did not know cycling.  I had to be dressed and ready, hours before everyone, to walk the frustrating distances, that connected the wards and theatres.

follow url Are you both watching ?… I would grumble to my parents mentally. There were some Catholic Nuns from South America, on the same course and they tried, very unsuccessfully, to teach me to balance on the bike. I never learned to balance . Nor did I learn to cycle.  There was too much of me, trying to learn the skill, too late in life.

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