My Aunt Esther ( Sibling 16, Kunjacha) and my Uncle P.S Mathew When my Aunt Esther , (Sibling No 16, Kunjammakochomma) , Kunjacha to all the cousins , sailed to Singapore with my Mum to help look after me , she was at least 22 years younger than my Mum . She stayed with me till I was 7 years old and is much more than an Aunt to me and the Sibling that I  am closest to. One day, my Uncle Philip (Sibling 6. Kochuttychaen). who was also living with us at the Parsonage, put on his matchmaker cap and introduced my Aunt Esther to his friend, P.S. Mathew, Palliath Samuel Mathew. I was devastated when she agreed to marry him. I could not stand the thought of someone taking her away from me. I thought she belonged only to me, as there were no contenders for her affection till he arrived.

follow site I was not impressed when they made me the Flower girl. The fuss and frills of the bows on my dress did not placate me. The netted Can Can peeping out of my dress did not turn me on.  I barely glanced at the shiny new shoes and socks. I went into acute depression as their wedding day approached. Their wedding album, has pictures of a scowling seven-year-old flower girl ,with puffy eyes and tears streaking down her face.  I had a major melt down during the protracted Mar Thoma service. I howled like a wounded animal and clung onto her veil , refusing to let go , as they pronounced them Man and Wife. They came home to the Parsonage after the wedding and I had my revenge all planned. I was going to drown my newly acquired Uncle Mathew, with the 777 Eau de cologne bottle that was sitting on top of the chest of drawers, in the room.

site de rencontre gratuit 27 sans inscription Fighting sleep I waited for them to come into the room.  My room, had suddenly turned into their room. This was the room in which my Aunt and I slept every night. This was the room where she would tell me all those stories before I fell asleep.

follow link Where on earth was he going to sleep…..I wondered.

see url Suddenly the door opened and there he was smiling at me.

trade4 me I hate you….. I screeched as I lunged at him waving the bottle of Eau de cologne.
I hate you , I hate you, I hate you…. I repeated a zillion times.
You can’t take her away…. I yelled as hot tears coursed down my crumpled face.

opzioni binarie tecniche di trading The surprise on his face, soon turned to amusement as I swung the bottle of cologne and sloshed it all over the place, missing him almost completely. Some of it drizzled on the sheet, some on the pillow and almost of it fell on the wooden floor, causing me to slip with my feet unceremoniously up in the air.This was the bit where he was supposed to leave in a box, feet first, I got my aunt back and we lived happily ever after. Sadly, someone had rewritten the script and nothing proceeded as planned.

como conocer gente que habla ingles Suddenly, I realised that my Uncle Mathew and I were not the only ones on either side of the bed. There was a room full of incredulous adults laughing their heads off and before I knew it someone had picked me up, slung me over their shoulder and carried me out of the room, closing the door in my face.

I was determined to spend the rest of my life hating my Uncle Mathew . Unfortunately this was not to be.

He grew to be one of my best friends, while I was growing up, a favourite uncle and the funniest man I have ever known. He could turn ordinary events into rib ticklers. It is not what he said, but the way he said it that had you convulsing on the floor.

Their marriage was truly a happy blend of two friends who stayed in love, even after their golden wedding anniversary with companionship and humour, thanks to my Uncle Mathew. After four boys of their own, Mohan, Suresh, Soman and Susheel, they stopped trying for a girl and I continued to be the daughter they never had.

When they retired from Singapore, they left their home on the 9th mile on Bukit Timah, returned to Kerala and built their home in Trivandrum with chickens, rabbits, dogs, fish, cats and a beautiful garden with fruit trees.

When he grew older, my Uncle Mathew developed Chronic Renal Failure. This brought about a drastic change in his lifestyle and he seemed to be anchored to the dialysis machine and home nursing. They came and stayed with us for a while at our beach home in Uthandi and I was given a deeper insight to the intellectual that he was.

At 88, he was reading the paper from cover to cover and doing the crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Guests, who came to our house, were amazed at his general knowledge and his political analysis of affairs current and past.He could talk to anyone about anything. My kids used to call him Kun-Appachan . He played a mean game of Chess and taught young Anish a clinching move or two.

In the evening, he would, with the help of a walking stick, walk the acre and return to tell me which plant had just bloomed and which tree had fruit ready to pick. At 6 pm, they would sit down to the Malayalam serials on TV and would be glued to the screen till 9 pm when the last tear jerking episode ended. Only then, would they have their dinner. If the house had fallen down around them during the serial, they would not have blinked. They would have merely brushed aside the debris over their eyes, never taking their gaze off the screen.

His sense of humour was legendary and he could keep you laughing till you cried.

Once, when they had visitors for tea at their home in Trivandrum the guests complimented them on the spread and remarked that their house was so well kept.

You are lucky to have a good maid…they said with a tinge of envy as good maids were hard to come by. My Uncle Mathew smiled , with a wicked twinkle in his eye and said….

Oh yes, we have an excellent maid.
She is very pleasant,
Good attitude, too
Does all the work in the house, cooks and cleans everything.”
Quite amazing for her age actually
There is only one problem, come nightfall; she crawls into bed with me…..
Only seconds later did the visitors realise that he was talking about my Aunt Esther.

I lost a friend when he passed away. I miss him even today.

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