The Cousins…..and Old Man Santhosham There were at least thirty or forty of the fifty-seven cousins, in Uncle Chandy’s house in Kodukulanji, when we came on holiday. Almost like a summer camp. Uncle Chandy’s sprawling home, had beams made of teak and skirted a courtyard that looked out to the green, velvet paddy fields that stretched out beyond the house. Outside the gate of the courtyard, there was a huge fishpond that reflected the sunlight, as fish darted in and out of the water hyacinths, that floated in the water. Technically, it was out of bounds to the kids. In reality everything happened around the fishpond.

rencontres imaginaires 2012 Most of the cousins played in groups. My best friends among the cousins were Jaya, Baboo and Reggie. We were around the same age. Baboo was a few months older than I and he never let me forget it. Jaya was older than Baboo and she never let him forget it. All 3 of us were older than Reggie and we never let him forget it. Age and seniority was the cutting edge in relationships amongst the cousins.

es peligroso conocer gente por internet Jaya, the ringleader was a tomboy and I was her adoring ally, in every prank and escapade. As a gang, we got into trouble, almost every other day. It made no difference, if we had watertight alibis, miles away from the scene of the crime. We were always hauled up first.

purchase Lyrica cheap Some of our friends, from Singapore, would come to visit us, if they were in India, at the same time, that we were on holiday. Mr. Santosham, Santhosham Velliappan, Old Man Santhosham, a parishioner from Christ Church , Singapore came to spend a holiday with us when we were in Kerala. As an honoured guest from my Dad’s church, he was given the VIP room in the front wing of the house facing the road. Jaya studied him suspiciously from a distance and decided that the old man wore dentures. When she shared her discovery with us, Baboo pooh-poohed it and said that the dentures belonged to Old Man Santhosham, as they were a dull yellow and had probably aged with him. Dentures are usually white ….he pronounced in a superior voice. A heated argument followed and it was decided that we would check his room at night, after he went to sleep, to see if the dentures lived in his mouth or in a glass of water by his bedside.[uid]=3382 We waited till nightfall, for the old man to go to bed. When all was still, we crept out to the window of his room and peered in from the outside. It was dark and we could not see much, except for the moonlight reflected in a glass of water by his bedside. Jaya said she saw the dentures floating in the water. Baboo said that he could not see any dentures in the water. The argument was getting louder. There was no consensus about the dentures and there was only one way to find out. We tried putting our hands through the bars on the windows but we could not get the glass out.

opzioni digitali tendenza We could fish it out with my fishing rod …..said Reggie in a loud voice.

follow link Hushing him, we tiptoed back and managed to get the fishing rod out, without waking up the house. Reggie, stood on Baboo’s young shoulders, as he carefully manoeuvred the fishing rod into the room. After many unsuccessful attempts, Reggie managed to hook the gleaming dentures out, dripping water all over the side table and the floor. Just then, Old Man Santhosham, spluttered and coughed, as he turned in his bed, but not before Reggie had got the slippery wet dentures in his hand. In sheer fright, Baboo dropped Reggie and we ran for cover. Reggie ran as fast as his little legs allowed him, never relaxing his grip on the dentures. Clutching them, he ran after us into the house. Going back to the scene of the crime was not an option and we went off to our dorms to sleep, hoping to replace it in the morning, before Old Man Santhosham got up.

We must have overslept, because the next thing I knew, we were woken up unceremoniously and summoned to explain. Baboo and Reggie were getting the third degree when we arrived at the court martial.
The old man from Singapore lost his dentures in the night…. they said.
The toothless wonder was wandering around, clicking his edentulous jaws, looking for his teeth. It is so pathetic …..they said.

They grilled us. They threatened us. They even waved the Vadi at us.

The Vadi is a shaven twig that was used to cane miscreants. These are lethal, hurt and leave welts. Predictably, these Vadis had a short shelf life. They either broke in use, or they disappeared, when they were replaced by a constant supply of tender twigs from a tree in the garden . The Vadi, instilled undiluted terror. It made a menacing swoosh when it was brandished in air and the truth would come tumbling out, most of the time.

We feigned surprise , we lied through our back teeth, we denied everything and we fled. No one believed us of course. Eventually, the dentures were found behind the sofa and returned to an extremely grateful Old Man Santosham.

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