The Cousins……Talentime During the day, we played in groups and at night all the mums and dads would gather in the courtyard for an evening of entertainment by the kids. The in-house productions composed of practised skits, impersonations, fancy dress competitions, songs and dances as well as impromptu acts of genius. Reggie Snr, an elder cousin, choreographed it all to an extremely appreciative audience. There were no TV screens, no play stations and certainly no computers. We had to make up our own entertainment and amuse ourselves.

rencontre avec jo black telecharger A favourite encore was the impersonation of the local drunk, Neythonni, done by Reggie Junior replete with lungi and the towel wrapped around his head.
“And oll othersh…” he would slur as he did an exaggerated stagger.

watch Sometimes when we ran out of themes, we used to enact Jokes. The humour always had a scatological tinge. One evening, we did the one about a young Indian going to the UK for the first time for a holiday. Scene 1….Reggie Jnr was dressed as the young man boarding Air India for London. Several rounds of tender farewells over, he gets onto the plane and bungles with his seat belt. Screams when the plane takes off etc…

click here Scene 2…..Reggie Jnr reaches London and gets into his hotel and settles into his room. The bell boy, Joey, brings up his luggage and asks if he wants anything for dinner. Reggie Jnr, declines, claiming that he is too tired. Bell Boy Joey urges him to have something light, like soup. Reggie Jnr declines, puts off the lights and goes to bed. Forgets to look the room.

Ci sono diversi robot ed è difficile sapere quali sono affidabili e quali no. Binary Option Robot è Roboty Opcji Binarnych Robotà “Ñ“Ã ’Ñ“Ã “‚à ’Â -sono-i-trading-di-operazioni-binarie Scene 3….There is a patient, Baboo, in the next room awaiting admission to a hospital, across the road. He needs to have a procedure done and is slated for a high hot enema the night before. He lies awake, tossing and turning in fear and trepidation.

source link Scene 4….The Hospital Paramedic gets the room numbers mixed up and enters Reggie Jnr’s room by mistake and does the honours on a Jet-lagged-dead-to-the-world Reggie Jnr.

siti di opzioni digitali con concessioni consob Scene 5….A very wan and tired looking Reggie Jnr returns to India after his short holiday. All his buddies are at the airport to welcome him back. They ask him how he enjoyed his trip. He hesitates for a minute and then tells them….

site de rencontres personnes mari es If they offer you soup at night, drink it. If you don’t take it one way….. they will give it to you another way….. 

The audience collapses , loud claps, cheers…

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