The Christ Church family

automatische software fУМr binУЄre optionen I did not need a whole village to raise me . I had Christ Church. The Parish was my extended family and all my memories of growing up are linked with many of the families that were so much a part of our lives and my Dad’s whole Life. Some families more than others.

conocer gente irlanda Being a singleton and the Pathriar’s daughter, I seemed to belong to all of them. Actually, all the kids in the Christ Church family, belonged to everyone in the congregation. I remember a mother who moved away from Singapore, visiting my Dad and telling him that, what she missed most, was the way the Christ Church Family kept an eye on all her kids, when they were growing up n Christ Church. Perhaps there was a cultural slant to this. We were a minority in Singapore. Self preservation was as vital as living and breathing. If anything needing correcting, it would be done, tactfully. If anything needed reporting, the parents would come to know about it sooner or later, most often sooner than later. Everyone felt responsible for all the Christ Church Kids in a unobtrusive  way.

Socialising with the opposite sex happened only in the Christ Church compound, church picnics and carols rounds, monitored by every parent eye on site. If an Indian boy had to take an Indian girl out, he would have gone mad. And broke. Her father, her mother, all her siblings, the in-laws, the outlaws, her grandfather, her grandmother, her uncles, her aunts and all her cousins several times removed, would have tagged along as chaperones. If there were relatives passing through Singapore and visiting at that point, they too would have tagged along. Fatigued, many Indian boys returned to India to seek suitable Indian girls, as the effort of courting Indian girls in the Singapore of the 50s was too exhausting. The friendships we forged in Christ Church, fall into an uncategorised slot. More than friends, just short of family. When I am in Singapore over a weekend, I attend the Sunday Morning Tamil Service. It is an emotional journey down memory lane. A tryst with the past, when familiar faces and voices play out to meet me and to transport me to a safe, comfortable and uncomplicated recess of my mind. I sit there in the present and my mind wanders with the memories that leap out at me. I see Davis Thatha in his white jacket, at the door welcoming everyone in with his kind eyes and warm smile. I see him hand out the weatherbeaten Pamalai Hymnal and  the prayer books. The sweets bulging temptingly in his pockets are a treat for the kids, later after the service is over.  I see the congregation, split right down the centre by aisle and gender, with the men on the left and the women on the right. I see everyone in their places, My Mum in the 4th row on the right, next to the Aisle. I see Mrs Beebee hit the chords of the invocation on the Organ, a signal for the Congregation to stand up.

junge frau sucht älteren mann I hear my Dad boom out ….Jebam panna kadavom…Let us Pray……from the back of the church.

source site I see Isaac Catherasu, in his cassock, as cross bearer, leading the choir in. I hear Mylan Annan’s beautiful voice singing the bass for All people that on earth do dwell …..Neer Vazgha …Vazhga…..

source site I see the choir in short white tunics walking in. I see my best friend Evelyn Davis walking in next to me, bonded as a partners in crime. I see Uncle PV Samuel our choirmaster, walk behind the kids he trained on the previous Saturday. I see my Dad at the end of the procession going up to the altar and turning around to face the congregation.

site de rencontre francophone au canada These images are so vivid that I cannot believe that several decades have passed. I cannot believe that these are just memories from the past. It seems that it was just a few sundays ago that we flocked to Christ church.

watch  Where have the years gone….

If I am in Singapore on a Sunday, I am, by tradition, taken to Christ Church by my very dear friends Edwin and Glory Barnabas and Aunty Sundari, Edwin’s beautiful mum who always ranked as a favourite aunt with the Christ Church Kids. I see my friend, David Samuel, lead the choir as his Father Uncle PV Samuel did, when I was a kid.

buy strattera online canada I am always introduced to the congregation by the resident pastor, an incumbent from India and I stand up to smile at a sea of faces. The number of familiar faces has dwindled through the years but there is always a warm welcome and an anecdote to remember my Mum and Dad.

can you buy phenergan over the counter I was delighted to participate in the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Christ Church in 2015 where I met Bishop Rennis Ponniah, the first Tamil Anglican Bishop of Singapore, who has done us all proud. I know my Dad would have been bursting with pride to see a charismatic Christ Church kid in purple, with a pectoral cross, mitre, cope and carrying a crosier symbolising that he is a Shepherd of the Flock of God.

buy minocin My Dad started a second place of worship, the Epiphany Church, in the Naval Base in Sembawang. He used to drive there after the service in Christ Church to conduct the 11 am service for the Tamil Congregation . God’s Blessings to Christ Church now reach a Church in Pokhara, Nepal.

God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform…..

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  1. Hello and Merry Christmas from Ottawa, Canada!
    I’m the eldest son of Mylan Annan!
    Please contact me.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You must be Abang. I am Canon Baboo’s daughter. I knew you as kids and met you later in the 80s in London.Lovely to hear from you.

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