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  1. http://wolontariatsportowy.com/fioepr/bioepr/1384 Your grandfather C.P.John was one among 5 children of Potha Upadesi of Cherivadakkethil, a Catechist. And grandmother the eldest daughter of Rev.MP.Mathen, a CMS parish priest, Mulamoottil house, Tholassery, near Thiruvalla. C.P.John’s cousin’s grandson was late Bishop Sam Mathew of CSI,Central Kerala Diocese. And Rev.M.P.Mathens’ brother M.P.Oommen’s grandson was Bishop Thomas Samuel of CSI, CKD, successor to Bishop Sam Mathew.

    1. watch Thank you Monkutty. Since we are cousins, my grandfather was your grandfather too. Would welcome any other titbits of family history and anecdotes you remember. Thanks.

    1. go Dear Pramod,
      Thats a wonderful idea to meet as a family gathering. You young ‘uns should organise that for all of us old and fossilised foggy-doddies , so we can all relax and enjoy the anecdotes of the past.Ah i tingling with unbridled excitement thinking of it !

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