Sunday School and Confirmation classes at Christ Church

dating someone with fear of rejection We had Sunday school classes after the service.  This was conducted in the first two or three pews, in the front of the church. Mrs Beebee and Mrs Eames were the faithful Duo, who held us all together, with the stamps we were given, for attendance and good behaviour. They taught us Bible stories and they taught us hymns from the Golden Bells. We sang them so many times, growing up , most of us knew most of them by heart and could sing most of them, without a song book ,most of the time.

source link Christ Church Sunday School, held a Nativity play over Christmas. The coveted and glorious Angel Gabriel’s role always eluded me. Every year, I ended up as a goat, or at best, a shepherd. I think I was one of the three kings, once in my entire life. One year when I was one of the goats, I did not even have a costume to dignify my four footed status. I was covered with a white bed sheet on which GOAT was written, in capital letters with a blue marker. As instructed, I crouched on all fours, outside the manger, for the entire play , moving only to raise my head periodically and go Baaaaaaaaaaaaa, Baaaaaaaaa in my best, mournful voice. The soothing, appreciative noises that people made over my stellar performance as a Capra aegagrus hircus, a domestic goat in the life and times of Christ, did not appease me.

My Mum and Dad never complained about the veterinary slant in my casting. They just smiled and went about their business. They probably thought that it would be good for my soul, to learn not to expect favours, as the Pathriar’s daughter.

watch As teenagers, we had to attend confirmation classes. We were taught the creed, the doctrines and the mystery of the Holy Trinity. In English. My Dad’s Deacon, Batwan Manickam, who took our confirmation classes was a serious young man. It was his first posting and he was understandably overwhelmed by the wicked kids he had to face every Sunday. He never scolded Evelyn or me, when we irritated him during the lessons. He found out a more effective way of getting us into the straight and narrow. He simply closed his eyes and prayed for us, at the end of every class. We were mortified, when he implored the Almighty to intervene. He mentioned us by name and surname. When our eyelids flew open in shock and horror, we found his eyes tightly shut, in abject submission, in distinctly unfair circumstances.

follow url On Confirmation Sunday, my Dad would invite the Bishop to come and examine us and accept us as full communicant members of the Anglican Christ Church Tamil congregation. Evelyn and I were confirmed together. We had new white dresses stitched for the occasion, new white stub, high heeled shoes and a veil to cover our heads. Together we knelt, shoulder to shoulder, in absolute awe, at the railings of the Christ Church Altar, for our first communion. We had come of age. My Mum served a fantastic brunch the Sunday I was confirmed. They celebrated all my milestones, including my birthdays in style. They were chief guests, at so many occasions, in the milestones of the families in Christ Church. When they could return the hospitality, they did so with aplomb. My Mum was a fantastic cook. She could, singlehandedly, cook for an Army. Perhaps  this was because of the size of her own family and her siblings when they were all growing up in Kodukulanji. I have memories of her stirring a Biriani over a wooden fire ,with a ladle as long as a paddle. There was no guess work and there were no culinary disasters.

ligar con chicas jovenes When I went away to the isolated Mission hospitals, in the mountains of Bhutan and Nepal, there were no churches, no sunday schools , no confirmation classes. Worship was in Nepali. The Hymns were in Nepali. I could not read or follow the services as I could neither read or speak Nepali or Hindi. I missed Christ Church and I missed the fellowship at the Christian Medical College. I watched my kids grow up without ever knowing the security of growing up amongst familiar faces in the comfort of an extended family, like the one I had grown up in Christ Church. For that matter, they grew up in circumstances that were in stark contrast to what I had grown up in.


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