Christ Church Picnics.

metformin from india Every year, the Christ Church congregation, would go for a picnic to one of the sea side wooden beach houses. The group would be taken to the picnic spot in an open top lorry. Everyone would have the time of their lives, singing all the way, jumping into the sea and playing games, in and out of water. Our only complaint was that the picnic was not long enough.

enter site We would sit cross-legged on the floor and eat the food, usually a one dish meal like a Biriani or Pulau, served on banana leaves in front of us. I think they really enjoyed seeing the Pathriyar letting down his hair and got a terrific kick out of seeing the Pathriyar sans cassock, looking like a chubby teddy bear in shorts, splashing about in water. He never had much time to fool around when he was working, but at the Picnics, the congregation got to see a very human side of my Dad. A fun side that they never saw often.

dating portale gratis My dad had a kind face and a beautiful smile that made up for the hair that was not on his head. What little he had, he looked after meticulously, using Brylcream and regular hair trims. He would, with great care, find the few strands that grew on the periphery across his head and comb them across. When we teased him he would say … God made just a few perfect heads….
The rest he covered with hair

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