A green and white uniform

http://uetd-hessen.de/?deuir=kamenashi-kazuya-and-fukada-kyoko-dating&a08=90 When I joined St. Margaret’s School I was 7. By law, no child, less than 7, could be enrolled in school. There were no creches ,no play schools and there were no day care centres. We stayed at home and we played at home.

http://www.hotelosmolinos.com/?epirew=citas-online-historia&e00=83 The school uniform,  a green skirt with two straps, crossed over a white, half sleeve shirt, with an open, sit down collar. The two straps, were attached at the waist, in front and at the back. In the younger classes, in the primary school, the straps in front, fastened down straight. As telarche set in, with adolescence, the straps curved away at the chest, to accommodate growth into the Secondary school. The school prefects had no straps and they wore a green tie.

source url When we had PT classes or played Netball, we just stepped out of our skirts into a pair of green bloomers, that we wore every day. A bloomer, is a loose fitting pair of knickers worn by girls, gathered at the waist and the legs. A tad old fashioned perhaps, but superbly functional. White canvas shoes and knee length white socks completed the school uniform with a green and white badge that stood for Charity , Patience and Devotion,  virtues, the dedicated teachers tried desperately, to impart to a bunch of boisterous girls, with mischievous hormones.

northerner dating a southerner The 16th of November, St Margaret’s day, was declared School Day and a holiday, after a special service, at the St. Andrews Cathedral, every year.  That suited me just fine, as the 16th of November, was also my birthday and it was a holiday.

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