St. Margaret’s School , Singapore

speed dating melbourne asian I schooled at St.Margaret’s, an Anglican Govt aided school, in Singapore. Every time the school hymn was sung, on all the special occasions at school and on St. Margaret’s Day, at the St. Andrew’s Cathedral, we remembered with gratitude, all those who worked tirelessly to make the St. Margaret’s, one of the finest schools in Asia.

anyoption app Our Father By whose Servants… Our school was built of old
Whose hand hath crowned her children
With blessings manifold
For Thine unfailing mercies
Far strewn along our way
With all who passed before us
We praise Thy name today. The changeful years unresting
Their silent course have sped
New comrades ever bringing
In comrades’ steps to tread
And some are long forgotten
Long spent their hopes and fears
Safe rest they in Thy keeping
Who changest not with years.

go They reap not where they laboured
We reap what they have sown
Our harvest may be garnered
By ages yet unknown
The days of old have dowered us
With gifts beyond all praise
Our Father, make us faithful
To serve and love always. Before us and beside us
Still holden in Thy hand
A cloud of unseen witness
Our elder comrades stand
One family unbroken
We join with one acclaim
One heart one voice uplifting
To glorify Thy name.

enter St Margarets, the first Girls school in Singapore and probably the oldest girls’ school in the Far East, was started by Maria Dyer, the wife of an English Missionary, Sam Dyer, of The London Missionary Society in 1842. Shortly after their wedding in England, in an era of long travel and travail by sea, they crossed the Suez Canal, to the Mission station, in the Straits Settlements of the East. When she stopped in Singapore, to stretch her sea legs, what she saw on the streets of the Colonial Island, changed her life completely and the lives of young girls, through the ages, in Singapore.

hombres solteros de 30 aГ±os Horrified, she watched helplessly, as hapless, young girls, were sold as Mui Tsai, slaves, to work as an indentured maids, in rich homes. A Mui Tsai, little sister, in Cantonese, was the absolute property of the owners, who had total control over the girls, a power that they often abused for life. The girls were auctioned publicly, on the streets for pittance, to rich households. It was their decision, whether she would be worked mercilessly, ill treated or abused. With time, she might even have been resold, in the market, to prostitution. Her life and destiny were no longer in her hands.

como ligar con un chico en el colegio This detour, left Mrs Dyer appalled.  She started a boarding School known as the Chinese Girl’s School in 1842, with 19 girls and its first principal, Miss Arabella Grant. The school, located in a building in North Bridge Road, was open to orphaned or homeless girls of any race and Chinese girls who had fallen to the Mui Tsai trade. These girls, were given an elementary education in English and instructed in the Christian Faith. They were taught practical skills, such as cooking and sewing, to set them up as good homemakers, later in life. As the school grew , it moved to various locations before it came to rest at the green and wooded campus at 134, Sophia Road, near the Government House in 1861. The Church of England Zenanah Mission took over the running of the school in 1900 and in 1939 the school was renamed CEZMS when it became a grant-in-aid-school.

The CEZMS School suffered property damage and suspension of regular activities during WW11, but continued to be a refuge for evacuees from China and the Philippines . With the end of the war, when the School slowly limped back to normalcy, the CEZMS was renamed St. Margaret’s School by Bishop Wilson, the incumbent Bishop of Singapore, after Queen Margaret of Scotland.

As the school grew, the St Margaret’s Secondary School moved to its new campus at Farrer Road.

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