St. Margaret’s Day, November 16th The 16th of November, St Margaret’s day, was declared School Day and a holiday, after a special service, in the St. Andrews Cathedral, every year. That suited me just fine, as the 16th of November was my birthday. My Dad and Mum, went a bit wild on my birthday. It was a special day in our home and it would be safe to say, that my Dad and my Mum were more excited about my birthday, than I was . That was saying something, because I waited unashamedly, for my birthday the whole year, lived from one birthday to another and was always brimming over with excitement, on my birthday.

penipuan di online dating I got to wear new clothes, blow out candles and eat cake-n-ice-cream, as if there was no tomorrow, Discipline took a back seat. One could get away with anything, well almost anything. Of course in true Cinderella style, everything reverted back to normal at the stroke of twelve. Closing the gate never kept the birthday back. Or in.

go to site Sometimes, we went to one of the Amusement Parks, The Great World, at night. The main attraction was The Electric Ghost train ride. The two seater, creaky bogeys strung together, zipped through dark and dingy tunnels, on unsteady tracks. I was always worried that it would derail and throw us down. The spooky audiovisuals, popped out predictably, with flashes of light. Everyone, including my Mum and my Dad screamed nonstop, when the wailing skeletons reached out to touch us, or if the skulls on the roof of the tunnels threatened to fall on our heads. Sometimes, something wet and clammy brushed against our arms sending delicious shivers down our spines. We actually paid money to scare the daylights out of us on my Birthday.

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