Reading , Writing and Arithmetic

go St. Margaret’s was as cosmopolitan, as Singapore, indeed was. The kids came from across the island, with their different faiths and festivals. My Jewish classmates, shared the mysteries of the Passover and Hannukah with us. The Chinese brought the festivity of Chinese New Year and the Moon festival together with the moon cakes and the angpow, the little red packets with money. The Muslims brought the Hari Rayas, Puasa and Haji, the Hindus Deepavali and Thaipusam and the Christians Christmas and Easter. Differences in religion did not seem to matter. We were just happy, that we had enough festivals to share.

click Our Senior Cambridge exams papers were shipped to England for correction. The year we wrote our exams, there was a mishap aboard, when the ship’s hold that carried our answer papers, soaked through and the ink from our well thought answers, ran into blue smudges and we had to take our exams twice to pass.

binära optioner blogg When I look back at my days in St. Margaret’s, I see a sea of dedicated faces who gave us their best and moulded us through all our young and often unlovable years. I see a sea of teachers who never gave up on us. I see a sea of teachers who cared enough to see beyond us , into our future.

click And I am grateful. Deeply , deeply grateful.

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