My Maternal Grandmother, My Velliammachy, Aleyamma Mathan  

enter When my Grandmother, my Velliammachy, Aleyamma Mathan, got married, she was barely fifteen.

get link Her father Rev.M.P.Mathan from the Molomootil Family in Tholaserry, Thiruvalla, was a CMS Pastor. Growing up in the Parsonage with her parents and siblings, my Velliammachy grew into a lively tomboy, her mother despaired over. There was not a tree around the house that she had not climbed, alongside her brothers, with her skirt tucked securely between her legs, making it easier to scale up or down. Often to heights that her brothers could not reach. She wielded a sling shot better than her brothers could and brought down fruits from trees faster than her brothers did. She could whistle louder than her brothers. Fish better than her brothers. Anything her brothers did, she could do better. Not in the slightest bit domesticated, she was happiest playing or working outside. She did not enjoy slaving over the kitchen stove, nor did the needle and thread enthrall her . Left to herself, she would never have learned cooking, if she had not been tied up, in the kitchen, on a regular basis.

here Wheat complexioned, her elfin face was capped by a widow’s peak. Thick, straight and long, her jet black hair, always tied back in a plait, swung defiantly around her as she ran. She seemed to be in a hurry all the time, running, rather than walking sedately, as her mother would have wanted her to. She looked impishly at the world, with eyes that danced with mischief.

here In and out of trouble, all the time, her spirited ways and impudence endeared her, to her family and all the neighbours. Her mother, my Great-Grandmother worried about her and wondered how she would ever fit into her husband’s home when she got married. God forbid, if she had a mother-in-law to boot.

mujer soltera busca relacion seria One day, a relative, came to Mathan Achen, her father, with a marriage proposal. He had noticed Aleyamma in Church. He felt that she had grown into a young girl of marriageable age and he had the perfect match for his daughter, if Mathan Achen was agreeable for a “viewing session” , a term used loosely for an informal meeting, when prospective in-laws met and the “Boy’s People” got to eye-ball the Bride.

follow url avis - Con anyoption il trading di opzioni binarie scopre un nuovo livello! I trader potranno approfittare di straordinari strumenti di Mathan Achan conferred with his wife and a date was set. The Matchmaker was to bring Cadavanaltharayil Pothen John and his family, the “Boys People” home to see Aleyamma.

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