Mrs Phyllis Chin Mrs. Phyllis Chin, taught English Literature and Composition at St. Margaret’s and we loved Mrs Chin.

rencontre japonaise To a little girl in school, her favourite teacher, is the ultimate fashion icon. Easily the prettiest teacher, Mrs Chin, greeted us from the front of the class in her fresh, floral, knee length cheongsams and high heels . She never raised her voice or lost her temper, to get our attention. She had us, wrapped around her little finger, from the start.

She never gave me, more than six and a half on ten, for my essays. However when she topped the marks, with the quiet appreciation in her kind eyes, I just stretched in my socks, grew a few inches taller and tried harder, quite effortlessly. The year that we did Wilkie Collins , Moonstone, she encouraged me to write the script for a play that we adapted and produced as the Major production, at the end of the year.  We got a standing ovation and Mrs Chin was beaming when she came onstage.

follow Mrs. Chin, was the first teacher who explained Talents to us. In our last year at school, she asked us what we thought a Talent was. She listened attentively, as the class offered thirty possible definitions, smiling at our raw innocence and perception.  She waited for the class to settle down, to explain that Talents were gifts from God. Gifts to be shared and enjoyed.

source site You do not have to work for them , She said, Nor do you have to study for them. You do not have to write exams for them. A talent is not a degree you acquire. No one, can take them away from you. Ever. It is the one thing, or perhaps, one of the many things, that you enjoy doing, effortlessly, with enormous pleasure.  Some people find their talents early. Some find them late.  But find them you must, she said, to be truly happy.

go to site She went on to say, that some people sing, some dance, some act. Some paint, some write. Some are good at sports. Some people have qualities or traits that comfort or encourage others, calm , heal or bring out the best in them.

rencontre lloret de mar She paused, as she looked at a point above our heads , far beyond the classroom. A few minutes later, she looked down and smiled.

go to site Do you know what your talents or gifts are?  she asked, in her soft voice.

citas web mla Do you know what you are good at?

see url Do you know what you do best ?  And effortlessly ?

What is it that you enjoy doing most of all ?

Find that gift…..Girls …..Find your talents….

Develop them…Use them…..Share them……

Remember, what you are, is God’s gift to you ….

What you become, is your gift to God.

Every child, must have a Mrs Chin, in their life. A teacher, who brings out the best in you.


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