Mrs. Ng

click Mrs Ng taught Mathematics at St. Margarets.

get link Maths was a nightmare in school. If I added a set of figures five times, I would get five different totals. I usually took an average of all the five answers. If I did take-aways, the amount left behind, could well be a great deal more, than what we started with. The truth was, that I was not really that bad in maths. Later in life I discovered that I was quite good at Maths but it was too late to score decent marks in class. No one with a fertile imagination, can be a dud at maths, someone told me much later in life.

site rencontre ukraine I was just too frightened of the red marks, that appeared at distressing intervals, in my books and report card. Or maybe the competition was too stiff.  The Chinese girls in my class, were wiz-kids  in Maths.  They learned on a cousin of the modern Abacus, a wooden frame with beads strung on straight wires, that they moved from right to left, while they added and subtracted. Learning on a Maths Rosary, must have given them the edge, that we sadly did not have. Another reason, that I was scared of Mrs Tan, was because she was a 2 in 1 teacher. She taught us Maths that i dreaded and she taught Needlework that I hated. On the morning of needlework class I would try every trick in the book to bunk school. Some days I had a headache, some days I had a stomach ache. I tried, in vain not to get out of bed. Unfortunately, nothing worked and I would be trundled off to school unceremoniously. My mum had a standard chorus that she used on me and which she used on our son Anish. We always fell for it.

naruto shippuden - épisode 39 - rencontre inattendue Go to school today …she would coax …Don’t go tomorrow.

je cherche femme de mГ©nage rabat In comparison , some of my classmates, were nimble seamstresses and could embroider, cross stitch and hem themselves into Mr. Ng’s good books effortlessly.  Needle and thread, in either of my hands, ended up everywhere, but between my thumb and fingers. If I tried threading the eye of the needle , the aperture would move deliberately and play hide and seek, with the stiffened thread, that I tried to manoeuvre. It is safe to say that sewing was certainly not one of my Talents,

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