HSC Premed classes at St. Andrews School

http://web-impressions.net/fister/1652 After my senior Cambridge exams, I joined the St. Andrews School in Woodsville, Singapore, for the HSC course in 1963, to qualify for medical studies in Singapore. I no longer sat in a class of girls. My class had boys in long pants and a tie. We had men teaching us. Also in long pants and ties. We were treated as adults. They discussed Men and Matters with straight faces and no one giggled or simpered. No teacher called the class to order at predictable intervals. Everyone paid attention and everyone was on their best behaviour in a mixed bag of Gender. It was weird, after years of wild abandon in a Girl’s School.

http://oarcok.org/?mefrioes=site-chat-rencontre-maroc&c05=1d Hardly had I settled into co-education, when life took an unexpected turn. Six months into my HSC, my Mum and Dad decided that I should go to India, to do a pre-university degree, that would qualify me, for the Medical colleges in India. No one asked me if I wanted to go.

I suspect the missionary gentleman, who diddled my Dad, in the land deal, had something to do with this decision, as this change of plan happened, after he came and stayed with us. On his return to India, he got me admitted to the Stella Maris College and appeared at the Madras port as my local guardian when I got off the ship.

http://hongrie-gourmande.com/frensis/1663 A complete stranger had changed the course of my entire life.

http://thesagechoice.com/?strapon=site-rencontre-18-ans&a76=84 Can anyone relate to this ?





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