Pre-University results in a moving train

best place to buy Viagra in Rancho Cucamonga California A few days after the CMC Entrance tests, my Mum and Dad arrived from Singapore. I was packed, ready and rearing to go to my Annammal Patti’s home in Senthiambalem and to all my cousins, gathered in My Uncle Chandy’s home in Kodukulanji. My holidays had started.

source Sometime during our travels, my Pre-University results were announced, in the papers as was the custom those days. My Mum, Dad and I were in a train travelling from Kerala to Tamilnadu. It was early in the morning and I was fast asleep on the top berth, when My Mum shook me awake.  The train had stopped at a station. Struggling to focus in a fog of deep sleep, I saw my Dad on the platform, peering at a newspaper, wearing a worried expression. Whats your roll number , Susie?

click here I had no clue what she was talking about . I turned over and mumbled that my Dad had the number.

partnersuche luxemburg He cannot find it, she said in a quiet voice.  Rudely awakened by shock, I sat up and scampered down from the upper berth,  as my Dad re-entered the train. He cross checked the number with me and looked again. He was right. My number was not there. Suddenly, he burst out laughing in relief. He was checking the wrong column. My number was in the first class section. My Dad was in the Dog house, the rest of the journey home, as my Mum gave him an earful, all the way home .

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