Medical College Admissions After they had recovered, from the scare of the Pre-University exams results, in the moving train, my Mum and Dad ran around like headless chicken, getting all my certificates in order for Medical College admissions . I was totally oblivious to all the prep and flurry. I just had a good holiday with my Annammal Patti in Senthiambalem and with all my cousins in my Uncle Chandy’s home in Kodukulanji. No one, least of all my Mum and Dad, asked me what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go. They had all decided that I was going to do Medicine. I simply signed the admission forms, wherever they asked me to sign , whenever they asked me to sign. It was clear, that that they had no intention of going back to Singapore in a hurry . They were going back, only after I had been admitted in some Medical College in India.

single menn i nordland Since I was born in CMC Vellore in Tamil Nadu, I qualified for a Nativity certificate, from my Dad’s village Senthiambalem. With that official piece of paper in hand, I could apply to any of the Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

source site I applied to the Madras Medical College, where my Mum had done her shortened MBBS and I was accepted.  Though my Mum and Dad were pleased and relieved, I think they were hoping, that I would be admitted to CMC, the Christian Medical College, Vellore, where my Mum had done her LMP in 1925, twenty one years earlier.

order generic Lyrica online My Mum and Dad were taking no chances, when it came to my admission to a Medical College.  They had come armed with sponsorship from the SPG Mission in Singapore, where my Dad had served for years as the Pathriar of the Tamil Congregation of Christ Church and as a Canon of the St. Andrews Cathedral, Diocese of Singapore.  75% of the students admitted to CMC every year, were sponsored by Churches or Missions that supported the College.  The sponsored students, were expected to sign a bond, to work for a stipulated time in the Hospitals, run by the Missions. If I got into CMC Vellore, sponsored by the SPG in Singapore, I was expected to go back to Singapore and work in The St. Andrew’s Hospital, the only functioning Mission Hospital associated with SPG Mission of Singapore. When I received a call from CMC , Vellore, to attend the 3 day Interview,  my Mum fell ill and could not travel. My Dad and I took the train to Katpadi, the Railway station closest to Vellore town.

follow url When we landed , I was delighted to see my friends from Stella Maris, who had also been called for the Interview.

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