The Veetuperu or House Name You might wonder, how my Grandfather C.P.John had been christened an unpronounceable name like Cadavanaltharayil with 17 letters and with no hyphens in between.

trading opzioni digitali tecniche He was christened Pothen John. That was his name. Cadavanaltharayil was his house name, his ‘Veetuperu”, a surname in a sense, the name that defined him and traced his antecedents, to place him securely in a Clan in Kerala.

follow link Even if they were woken up from deep slumber, Elders in the family could swing effortlessly up and down the branches of The Family Tree, without missing step or speed, to claim kinship and inheritance. The house name or Veetuperu defined the person.

here The Veetuperu or house name, sounded like a verbal map of their home, in an era where there were no names for streets , house numbers or pincode. The Veetuperu, was a description of the location of their home, the house where they lived, in reference to a fixed, immovable point near their house.

here South of a church.

follow site North of a school.

site de rencontre classement 2014 Under the Mango Tree

enter site Something near Something Else, which was usually a fixed landmark.

source url Cadavanaltharayil translated into Cadavu=Canal, Ala=Banyan tree, Tharayil=Floor, to direct visitors to the House by the Banyan Tree near a Canal.

go The postman knew everyone by name. If there was mail to be delivered, the Veedtuperu ensured that the letter reached the family, without any confusion.

The girls in the family, shed their Veedtuperu, to acquire their husband’s Veetuperru, when they got married and moved to their new homes. In a split second, a Susie, could go from a Susie–Under-the-Mango-Tree, to a Susie-Under-the-Jackfruit-Tree.

The Boys passed it on to their children. Even when they moved to another place in India or crossed oceans to migrate overseas, they carried the prefix Cadavanaltharayil to their name.

Spoken out loud, Cadavanaltharayil often became Cadnathara. They shortened it to the letter C, if there was no space on a dotted line. But they never ever discarded it. They wore it with pride when alive and they wore it with pride, when it was engraved on their tombstones, when they died.

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    1. Dear Pramod, Chandy John Pothen,
      You are doing a fabulous job of taking the name forward with honour.
      We are soooooo proud of you.
      God bless.

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