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here A mother in Delhi had to go to work. She works as a maid in a few houses to earn Rupees more, but she can not afford a babysitter. All that she and her husband earn goes towards running the home. She used to leave her baby with their sister-in-law, who lived in the neighbourhood .

how often should you see someone when you first start dating On the 28th of January the sister-in-law’s 28 year old son, raped the 8 month baby left in their care.

http://yankalillabakery.com.au/?kramarew=conocer-al-hombre-de-mi-vida&4c1=e5 You could not blame the rape on the clothes that the baby wore. You could not accuse the baby of flirting or being provocative.  There was no dark alley and you could not blame the rape on the hour she returned home. There was no alcohol on her breath. Just a faint smell of her mother’s stale milk. The drugs and IV shots came much later, when she was admitted bleeding to AIIMS.

cos è il training binario è una truffa. full hookup rv sites in colorado. http://weki.com.np/?timer=forex-personalizzato-on-line&49d=d6. fare soldi online con opzioni The incident happened on the 28th of January and it was reported in the news. The viewers gasped for a minute, froze in shock and went back to what they were doing.  It was business as usual.

The Parliament discussed the New Budget. The TV Stations projected figures and graphs and had debates with panels of experts who translated the SOPs in laymen’s terms to the Viewers. Every Indian discussed the budget.They discussed it with their families and with absolute strangers, They discussed it in the train, in the plane , in the plains and on the mountain tops.

No one remembered the mutilated, maimed for life,  8 month baby , a hospital number , a mere statistic .

We had some visitors in the evening. They were young gentlemen from sound and studious backgrounds and inevitably the conversation veered towards the Budget. When I asked if a country will ever have a robust economy, if they do not address the Relentless Rot of Rape of its Women and Children, they looked uncomfortable and squirmed in their chairs.  Was it not threatening to ruin the fibre , the fabric and the future of the Country, I asked.

They looked at me, as if I was a senior cretin, having a senior moment , talking out of turn and context .The Economy and the Rape of women are not related,  explained the young man seated next to me, in a patient and tired voice, as he patted my hand .

The parliament discussed a law for two hours on the 3rd February, that would pass the death sentence on humans caught slaughtering a cow. No mention of stricter laws and punishment for Rapists, child or adult.

The injured and mauled eight month baby, old news by now, lies in an ICU in AIIMS fighting for her life, after multiple surgeries. She does not figure in any vote bank. She will not be able to vote people into power. Not for a long long while, given her prognosis.

Will all the cows saved by stricter laws, vote people into power, I wonder ?

What is our world coming to ?






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