Chasing nostalgia in Chennai Driving down the Khader Navaz Khan Road, I looked up and a saw a sign on the first floor of the Yafa Towers that spelt ” Nasi and Mee “, Rice and Noodles in Bahasa. Anything that reminds me of Singapore and the hawker food I grew up on ,love and miss , ALWAYS brings out my antennae in unbridled curiosity.

site de rencontre st nazaire Twing … Twing …and they were up , out and rearing to go.

here I dragged Mathew N Samuel and his tired ” when will she ever learn ” look into the lift that took us to the restaurant above the Belgian Embassy.

Adacquato spulezzato gufate alleluiasti source quanto avete guadagnato con le opzioni binarie pubblicizzarono He has every right to his tired look. He is the one who has been my companion on multiple escapades into restaurants and food festivals that lure you in, with the promise of Nostalgia . And he is the one who pays the obscene bills and then proceeds to plug his ears, when I start an incessant tirade, a disappointed monologue , all the way home, listing all the flaws in the lookalikes that make it to the table. The man has earned the right to wear his tired look.

hombres cristianos solteros de 50 aа“ТБos The place when we entered was full. And it was noisy. People looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

rencontre serieuse la reunion There were several tables of Elite Kitty Parties in Haute Couture . Some tables were more somber and spoke Corporate. Some tables had love birds huddled close, holding hands surreptitiously, between the soup and the main course.

source However what was most encouraging, was the number of tables occupied by the POODs, People of Oriental Descent . If Asians eat in a Pan Asian Restaurant, the food HAS to be good. We South East Asian foodies, are cruel , critical and unforgiving of adulterated flavors. We return to frequent ,ONLY, if the food is authentic and looks , smells and tastes like food from home. Or close. We notice ambience and all that jazz, only after the food. Pleasantly surprised by the promises on a Menu ” Crafted in Singapore and Made in India” , I waited with bated breath for the food to arrive.

rencontres valais The show case kitchen had the Chefs and their minions tossing up fare with a flamboyance that suggested that they knew what they were doing.

So far so good.

The service was good and we were not disappointed when the haunting smells wafted ahead of the plates as they arrived at the table.

The Thai Chilli Prawns were succulent and subtly flavoured and not cooked beyond recognition. Plump in the right places.

The Malaysian Chicken Satay was a close cousin of her Malaysian Peranakan cousin from the Peninsula. Four of them lay skewered on the plate with a tinge of char at the edges. The accompanying sauce had the occasional peanut rolling around the palate looking for a companion. I presume they do not serve Timun and Ketupat on Thursdays for Lunch. I wondered if she had succumbed and adapted to her Indo -Chinese neighbours for survival.

The Chicken wings was a Chicken Lollipop who got stuffed when she left home. She wore a crisp coat, fried to perfection. She lay on her side, with a tantalising leg sticking out . When bitten, she let out a squeal that suggested minced chicken, flavoured with Kaffir Lime leaves. A first time for me and quite delightful.

The Pan fried Noodles was definitely confused and in the process of acquiring a dual citizenship with the American Chop Suey, and she had surrendered her Fried Egg topping. She came in two helpings .The crisp noodles arrived separately with her trousseau following. A bowl of gravy with veggies and a mix of prawn and chicken. I thought that was a smart move . No soggy mess from sitting waiting to be eaten. Pour atop the fried noodles when ready.

At this point, we realised that our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. We had ordered whatever our eyes had clapped on. We decided that we would ask for the Panfried Noodles and her companion to be packed as a take away.

Couldn’t leave without tasting the Chendol and the Ais Kaching after coming this far, could we now?

The Chendol is something we do not hear of or see in Chennai and I was dizzy with anticipation . A beer mug arrived with green floaters swimming desperately in thick sweetened coconut milk crying out to be rescued.

The Ais Kachang was the penultimate Zen finale. A tightly packed pinnacle of colour streaked scraped Ice appeared in a moat filled with peanuts, the chendol greenies, some pink jelly cubes and a hint of gula Melaka.

As I was in deprived mode and had missed all these beauties in their various avatars for a long long time , I was hysterical with delight.

We had a good time. We enjoyed their food.
And we gave them 10/10 for trying .

This really was the closest to the Singapore Hawker food I have ever tasted in Chennai.

Good luck Nasi and Mee.

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