Christ Church School Fun Fare

source My Dad started the Christ Church School, for overage students and school drop outs, who could not cope with mainstream education. When the foundation stone for the School was laid, there was hardly a few dollars in the building fund account. It was his unwavering faith, that made him take the first step when he could not see the whole staircase.

premarin buy The fundraiser, the Christ Church School Fun Fair was an annual event. On the specified Saturday, the normally sombre Christ Church compound, wore a festive look with the colourful buntings that adorned the numerous stalls of food, games, books, clothes. A DJ in the music stall, would collect requests for the popular English and vernacular hits to be played over the loud speakers. There was romance in the air and many secret crushes would be made public at the Christ Church School Fun Fair, as songs were dedicated to many a shy lass or lad. Every imaginable thing would be on sale that day and the entire proceeds would go to the School Building Fund. My Mum, used to have a stall where she and the family sold all sorts of interesting things. You could never predict what would appear on the shelves. There were rows of homemade jams and pickles including her famous fish pickle which would disappear as fast as it was stacked. Every year, she would have an array of dolls dressed in the most intricate, hand crafted, costumes and jewellery up for sale. These must have been the ancestors of the Barbie Doll who was waiting to be born much, much later. Some wore cheongsams, some the sarong kabaya, the national Malay dress, the sari, or western party wear. There was always a beautiful doll, dressed as a bride with a wedding dress, veil and pearls in her hair who went home with a starry eyed little girl for a hefty dent in her mother’s purse. All the girls would hang around the dolls and my mum would let them touch the dolls only if money had passed hands.

enter She would have a section of imitation jewellery for the older girls, bric-a-brac that she had picked up from the Pasar Malam, the night markets held on the streets at night. The secret was to make sure that the prices were attractive to the school kids flooding the fair with their pocket money. There were guessing games  Guess the weight of the cake….Guess the weight of the hamper…..Guess the number of sweets in a jar… where you paid for the guesses and the nearest answer to the accurate answer would win the spoils. Raffle tickets were sold for prizes that included holiday trips to hill stations in Malaya. The merry-go-round started spinning from the moment the fair was declared open at 9am and creaked to a grinding halt, only when the fair was declared closed at 6pm. Some kids had to be peeled off the bucket seats of the merry-go-round by their desperate parents. The food fest was amazing with the hawker food blending with the homemade fair. There would be mee hoon, kway teow, rojak, pisang goreng and all sorts of Singapore Street food. There would be an Indian array of idiappam and chicken curry, Biriani , Roti Paratta etc To augment the income of the church, my Dad built an Assembly hall with three floors. The ground floor was a canteen for the students during the week and it was used by the congregation after service on Sundays for coffee and the bread, butter and jam sandwiches that my Mum and Uncle Philip made at the Parsonage every Saturday night . The top floor housed the science labs for the school. The middle floor was built like an auditorium for wedding receptions. This was a smart move as it brought in a regular and handsome revenue for the church as a venue for receptions.

Like all good men of their times, my Dad was criticised for his autocratic methods. He took it all in his stride and never held it against anyone. He was a man with blinkers, completely focussed on what he had to do, no matter how Herculean the task. Today, the Christ Church School and Assembly Building stands as a posthumous tribute to my Dad, his hard work and dedication.

finax tablet online buy With the added revenue, Christ Church became self sufficient and resisted many take over bids by the Diocese, to remain a Tamil Anglican church, a refuge and  anchor to the Tamil speaking Christians in Singapore .

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