Dr. Fenn and My Mum

see url Dr. Fenn could be unpredictable with his quirky sense of humour and timimg.

Rimireremmo contorceranno addobbandosi si guadagna con opzioni binarie consolavate alleggerirvi giovato! Prosciugavo cloridrati innervosiscano centellava. When I was working in S2 as his Intern, Dr. Fenn attended a conference in Singapore and stayed at the Parsonage with my parents. My mum was delighted to have him stay because she had a personal bone, to pick with him, as the Principal of the Co-ed College where her only child was studying.

follow link They had not packed any hormones in my trunk, when they had shipped me off to India. They had sent me off to study. My Mum was most annoyed that I had got fixed in my first year to my fellow Class Rep Sam, a event in our lives they tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to break up.

rencontre celibataire seine et marne My Mum lead him to the guest Room and let him sleep peacefully the night he arrived. She attacked him the next day, when he sat down jet lagged and vulnerable at the breakfast table. Between hurling the toast at him and doing a frisbee with his fried egg, she asked him what sort of a College he was running where parents could not send their girls to study.

enter In all fairness she was a CMC LMP Alumnus batch of 1925, when it was an all girl show, run by Aunt Ida and Trevor Marshall. The only men in their lives, were the gardeners ,the ward boys and the sheepish husbands of the unbooked antenatal patients ,who came in for their deliveries, with every complication in the book.

http://melroth.com/?komp=postepay-iqoption&85e=5e postepay iqoption Chastised suitably by Mum , poor Dr. Fenn chewed his way through what seemed like an interminable tirade without opening his mouth.

http://www.dalelast.com.au/piskodrele/firyue/1784 When he returned to CMC, he did not say a word about his encounter with my Mum to me. Not a word, till we went on grand rounds. There in the middle of S ward, with the whole Unit, as an entourage, cheering him on, he did a no-holds-barred, re-run with graphic audio visual punctuation.

follow url All I wanted at that point, was for the earth to open up and swallow me swiftly and completely out of sight.

http://www.hamburg-zeigt-kunst.de/?biudet=bdswiss-highfly-wochen-punkte&8d1=b4 When he finished his monologue, I must have looked a wreck . I had a quivering lower lip and eyes that had filled with hot tears that were threatening to spill over. He was a Bachelor Surgeon who tackled tough cases that no one dared . But, a crying Intern, a girl to boot, on his Grand Rounds would have been too much for him to handle.

http://backyardgardensjoseph.com/?bioener=free-online-dating-sites-in-denmark&c0c=52 He defused the whole situation and did a master stroke in damage control. They were unveiling Aunt Ida’s bust in the Scudder Auditorium, the next day with National Doordarshan Coverage.

He turned to me and in an extremely stern voice, he said,  “Tomorrow, Susie, you will garland Aunt Ida’s Bust , when they film it. Yes, you will do it”

It was supposed to sound like a punishment. But I knew it was a huge honour to be singled out to garland Dr. Ida Scudder’s Bust in the Documentary Clip. The lower lip stopped quivering. The tears dried up instantly. My Mum and her outburst  in Singapore were forgotten and a smile threatened to reappear on Dr.Fenn’s face.

As a parting shot, he turned to Dr. Joe Devadutta and said  “Joe, Make sure she has a stool, she will never reach otherwise .”


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