Dr Fenn operated out of the Box.

follow url After the 1971 Indo-Bangla War, soon after we were married,  Sam volunteered  to travel out to a war torn Bangla Desh to help rebuild the disrupted services of a Mission Hospital in Kushtia district.  Sam managed to catch a CASA jeep from Calcutta and reached Bollaphpur in the middle of the night. He was met by two elderly Missionaries, Meg Bishop and Florence Priest, who were waiting to receive him, with the light from a flickering lantern, at the end of a mutilated railroad track. Exhausted by a war that they had not bargained for , they welcomed Sam with open arms and joined in when he rolled up his sleeves to work even as he landed.

http://www.shyamtelecom.com/?siterko=opzionibinarie&694=bd Dr Fenn was most encouraging and had sent Sam off with his blessings. A few weeks after Sam had settled in, Dr. Fenn went out with medical supplies and bandages and stayed with Sam in Bangla Desh, operating in dire straits in a makeshift theatre. Supplies were short and Medicine was scarce. There was no food to eat. Even if you had money in your pockets there was no food on the shelves. The carnage of the war had left people orphaned and homeless. Disease and disability spilled over onto the streets, as the hospitals doubled up as shelters.

ecrire un premier message site de rencontre Seeing the the plight of the hospital,  Dr. Fenn realised that repair and rehabilitation would be a long and bumpy road. When he returned to Vellore, he outlined an ongoing program of Medical Aid.  Two young and enthusiastic fellow Alumni, Benny Benjamin and Binayak Sen, succeeded Sam in Bangla Desh.

quiero conocer gente noruega When we were posted to Bhutan, Dr. Fenn, traveled the road less traveled, to visit us atop the snow capped Himalayas. He sat wrapped in swaddling clothes near the firewood Bukari, to beat the icy temperatures, he was clearly not used to. But none of the hardships that he met deterred him. He came to see how the students he had trained, were doing.

http://secfloripa.org.br/esminer/4932 When we were posted in Nepal, he came to visit us with his Assistant , Dr.Arvindan Nair. They did some cases in the showcase Operation Theatre in the Anandaban Leprosy Hospital, overlooking the green and luscious Lele Valley. The morning they were leaving, one of our Hansens patients , who had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis and had been started on MDT with INH, amongst other drugs, attempted suicide and slit his throat. He had been found moribund under a blood stained sheet. Dr. Fenn and Arvindan Nair were at the breakfast table when Kancha, the ward boy hurtled downhill with the news. Dr. Fenn was not worried that he had a flight to catch. He ran all the way up the Hill with us to suture him and place him out of danger before they left for Kathmandu to take the Flight back to Chennai via Delhi.

sistemi per tradare con opzioni binarie He was a Mentor…a person we still remember with pride as a teacher, a guide and a friend.

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