Dr. Fenn the Surgeon

http://celebritysex.cz/?triores=nymag-dating-ring&ed6=ca Dr. Shanti Fenn, was the Professor of Surgery who became the Principal of the Christian Medical College. His Surgical Clinics, held in the afternoons, were extremely popular and packed to overflow. He was a bold Surgeon who took calculated risks and his Surgical skills were legendary. Before the Paediatric Surgery Unit was born in CMC, Dr. Fenn’s Surgical Unit S2, operated on the kids who needed General surgery.

get link Rumour has it, that when Dr. Fenn went to the United States for a Sabbatical, early in his career, he was allowed into the American Theatres, only as an observer. This must have bored him to tears, because the sheer numbers and the variety of cases a young Surgeon operates on, in India, is phenomenal, as is his experience. He stood around politely, often mentally miles ahead .

binäre optionen hintergrund Every thing changed one day in The Operation Theatre. The Senior Surgeons on a particular case, were fumbling around in a baby’s abdomen, trying to remove a tumour rather unsuccessfully.   As the tumour was adherent and extremely vascular , the chances of the baby bleeding on the table was high.  When they decided that it was inoperable and that there was very little more to be done except close the abdomen,  Dr. Fenn asked if he could have a look.

https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/5520 Reluctantly, they moved aside to let Dr. Fenn have a look before they closed up.  They let him explore the tiny abdomen with his large skilled surgical hands. They were amazed, when in a matter of minutes, he had tied the bleeders,  released the Tumour and removed it successfully from the baby.  After that, he was treated with great respect and they valued his opinion and his Surgical skills, as an experienced Colleague.

follow link When he conducted our Surgical clinics , we could never make out what went on in his head, as he had an inscrutable expression. He would never interrupt the student who presented the case.  He would watch and listen dispassionately as most of us knotted ourselves hopelessly, presenting cases in his surgical clinics, absolutely in awe of the man.

go site One afternoon a young man came to the Outpatient department, as a new patient. We were asked to work him up for the surgical clinic. With a sheepish grin the patient pointed to his right middle finger.

follow url I have on ulcer that goes from here to there He said.

meilleur site de rencontre pour trentenaire Enthusiastically, all 6 of us girls grabbed his right hand and examined his middle finger. There was nothing there. We pulled his fingers apart and examined all his fingers. Nothing on any of the fingers. We turned his hand upside down and checked everything. We found nothing.

follow url Do you have anything else? we asked. Anywhere else ? Oh no he reassured us, Nothing . No where else.

things to know when dating a japanese guy We gave him back his right hand, and marched purposefully over to the other side of his cot and grabbed his left hand.  We examined all the fingers on his left hand. Perhaps he had got the hand wrong. That’s it . It must be on his left hand. We examined all the fingers on his left hand. Not a scratch on his left hand. Not a scratch. Intrigued we asked him if he had anything else.

Oh no, he said, nothing else

The class boys, who were lounging at the foot end of the patient’s bed, bored with a Surgical case that had no physical findings, smirked that his toes were fine, in case we were wondering. No problem here, they said in a superior voice, smirking a little more.

The patient meanwhile hastily retrieved both his hands and hastily hid them behind his back.

Maybe he had been posted to us to hone our history taking skills. Puzzled, we went off for coffee and returned to present the case to Dr. Fenn .

A shy, pretty young thing, one of the girls in our batch,  who will remain nameless, presented the curious case, of  the traveling ulcer, on the right middle finger, of a shy young man, to Dr. Fenn. All eyes were on Dr. Fenn and none of us noticed that the young man, the patient, was becoming increasingly embarrassed, as the clinic wore on.

In conclusion, the shy young thing, triumphantly declared the patient as a case of a healed ulcer on the right middle finger. When she finished, she looked up expectantly at Dr. Fenn. She thought she had done rather well and was beginning to glow with confidence. Without batting an eyelid, Dr. Fenn turned to the patient and signaled with his right index finger.

Drop your pants, he said. Show them what you have.

And there in all its glory lay the mysterious ulcer that moved up and down along his right middle finger.

The shy young thing, whose is a grown woman of the world now and no longer shy, or young, still blushes a deep shade of crimson, when this story is recounted at every reunion.

Even on our 50 th Reunion in 2014.

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