Dr.Paranjothy and her diagnostic skills

site rencontre amis I really do not think that Dr. Paranjothy ever went home. She was omnipresent. If she was not in the labour room, she was in the outpatient department.
Or in theatre.
In casualty,
Or in the wards.
Or taking clinics for the students.
You looked up and she was there.

agence de rencontre shawinigan She would be called for consultations by other specialities . A Gynae consult was usually a routine exam for any female patient admitted under other disciplines. Male doctors, in other specialties, have a morbid fear of anything female or Gynaecological in nature and they will swiftly write off a consult to rule out any mysterious female maladies they cannot fathom.

citas de hombres machistas The female pelvis and the organs of reproduction are lady land, they would say,
A mystery to man and beast

recherche celibataire femme Sometimes she would take one of us on her consults. One day I accompanied her when she went to examine a young girl who was admitted to the Neurology ward with right sided hemiplegia. Her husband sat huddled near his young and beautiful wife absolutely petrified. They had been to several hospitals and had used up most of their resources going from pillar to post. CMC, Vellore, was their last hope. Dr. Paranjothy smiled at the patient as she picked up the case sheet. The obstetric history said that she had a normal living child, aged three. There was a mention of an abortion two months ago. There were no other details. She sat down and patiently took an elaborate history that suggested that this young girl from Kerala had had a molar pregnancy, when she had passed grape1ike tissue. She was taken to a local hospital for curettage and later discharged with some vitamins, words of wisdom about family planning and no date for follow up. She went home and developed weakness of the muscles on her right side two months later. With her careful and meticulous history taking Dr Paranjothy had elicited a molar pregnancy which could have lead to choriocarcinoma, a malignancy in the placenta that threw secondaries in the brain and hemiplegia.

rencontre entre chien et chat She had the diagnosis without a scan or MRI.
The patient would always lead you to a diagnosis, if you listen. She said turning to me.
Eyes and ears first,
Everything else afterwards.

http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/85 There was no substitute for history taking and observation in her book.

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