Dr. Paranjothy and the Age of the Pessary

http://big-balloon.nl/?option=com_jce Every woman who crossed over into the Gynae OPD, had to have a pelvic examination, even if she had come in only with a headache. That was Dr. Paranjothy’s second rule.

http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/1971 The patients are shy, she would say, Especially if there are men around,
They will complain of a headache,
Or something unrelated and trivial,
You have to get past that.

watch One day, we were at the end of an Outpatient session in the Gynae Department,  when the attender ushered in a young lady as the last patient. She had a chronic vaginal infection that was resistant to treatment and draining her. It had been a long day and we were dying to go for lunch. After the examination was over, we explained to her that she needed to insert vaginal pessaries every night for the next ten days. Vaginal pessaries were fairly new and women in India were not a tactile species in the late sixties. Most of them were absolutely clueless about their anatomy.  One of my class girls drew a stick diagram that looked like she was playing a game of Knots and Crosses.

mujer busca hombre fusa Insert it in this one, she said, pointing to the diagram of knots and crosses,

see url Not the other one , she said repeatedly, waving her pencil in the air.

http://godswayradio.com/?rtyt=site-de-rencontre-completement-gratuit-pour-les-hommes&87a=21 The patient hid her face behind her sari and giggled when someone explained the basics. Finally one of the girls had a brilliant idea.

opcje binarne xtb Maybe we could teach her to insert it like a tampon, she said.
Put one foot on a stool, she told the patient.
Pick up the pessary with the thumb and index finger and insert it.

http://sumarplant.ro/franciye/1463 The patient nodded as if she had finally understood  where to insert it. Picking up her prescription, she left for the pharmacy. We thought that we had seen the last of her. Just as we were leaving for lunch, the patient appeared at the door and stood there with her arms akimbo. There were a zillion people around us, as she looked over everyone’s heads , straight at Dr Paranjothy. Holding the packet of pessaries in one hand, she asked her in tones loud and clear,

http://vagnvagensbygg.se/firmenit/1130 Ye Ma, Oru Kaal nakali mela thooki vechi sapidava ?
Madam, should I put one foot on the stool and swallow it ?

follow link Dr. Paranjothy’s look of horror sent us scuttling down the stairs stifling our giggles.

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