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http://thinkmaya.com/?biorer=rencontre-avec-hommes-d%27affaires&210=93 I was christened Anne Elizabeth, after both my grandmothers and answered to Susie all my life. Mentally, I have never been an Anne or an Elizabeth, except at St. Margaret’s School, Singapore, when I was Anne Baboo.

follow My Mum and Dad came from two bordering states in South India.

http://havanatranquility.com/daeso/3773 My Mum, Saramma John, one of nineteen siblings, born and raised in Kodukulanji, Central Travancore, was a medical Doctor, an LMP from the Christian Medical College, Vellore with an MBBS degree from the Madras Medical College.

http://ev-kirche-ergste.de/?debilews=singletreff-konstanz&7fd=4a My Dad, Paramanantham Israel Samuel Baboo, was born and raised by his blind, widowed mother in Senthiambalem, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. He was the first graduate from his village to study Theology at the Bishop’s College in West Bengal. He retired as an Anglican Canon, after founding and serving the Tamil Congregation of Christ Church, Singapore for 33 years.

http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/4709 When they fell in love and got married my mum was 36 years old and three years older than my Dad. When I, their only child, was born, she was a 46 year old Elderly Primi . A miraculous flash in the pan, I grew up blessed, loved and cherished by two wonderful caring people, I am proud to call my parents.

Smash day - Tecniche di Trading. arrondir fins de mois http://nlst-usa.com/?trere=la-verità-su-opzionibinarie Il lettore avrà, finalmente, la possibilità di accedere ai segreti dei più If you stick around, I will tell you the story of how they were separated for many years, incommunicado, with my Dad away, in a war ravaged Japanese occupied Singapore and with my mum living as a widow in India, lovingly protected by her surviving siblings. My Dad was presumed dead. With the silence of the  passing years, the colours on her saris paled to white and she stopped wearing flowers in her hair, as a Christian widow, at the turn of the Century.

http://tjez.gob.mx/perdakosis/443 I will also tell you the story of their dramatic reunion after the war, when no one, not even my Mum recognised my Dad on his return. No one except my Dad’s K9 , Sundar, who had, with all the years of waiting for my Dad, grown into a weary, arthritic and indifferent Alsation.  He condescended to move around, only when my Mum went to her Clinic and slept at her feet, till she was ready to go home.  When my Dad returned unexpectedly and unannounced, even as my Mum stared in disbelief,  Sundar came alive, shot out and flung himself at the gaunt, travel weary stranger , welcoming his master back.

http://www.mabnapouyesh.com/dfdf/7091 And then, if there is time , I will tell you stories of my extended family, my formative years in Christ Church, a cosmopolitan St. Margaret’s School in a Colonial Singapore, the prestigious Christian Medical College in Vellore,  and our legacy, the CMC Alumni friendships, that bind and span across years and continents.

go here I will also tell you stories about the International group of doctors, from several countries, who trained as a batch at The Institute of Dermatology, St. John’s Hospital, London.

I will tell you stories about my classmate at Med school Narsappa Mathew Samuel, who turned out to be my best friend, before becoming my husband, our adventures and our work in Bhutan, Nepal , Africa, England and India.

pamelor buy Our years as a young family , Rekha and Nitil, Anish and Vidhu and our two grandkids, Ashish and Rohan, neonates I delivered as their mother’s attending Obstetrician, one in a resource challenged Mission Hospital in Simla and the other in a Corporate Hospital in Chennai.

cheap cialis professional I will tell tell you stories of life, as a multitasking resident doctor, head cook,  bottle washer and dogsbody in a Mission Hospital atop the Himalayas and life as a Consultant Dermatologist in the Corporate Health Care Sector in Chennai.

cheap hyzaar dosage My life started in one century and spilt over into another, moving across several countries, cultures and cuisines. We might even recipe hop.

We could turn up the jukebox for the music of the 60s and the golden oldies to bring back a memory or two from Elvis The King, to Freddie The Queen. The possibilities are endless, in a Serendipitous Journey

You might find it hard to believe all the living and changes that have been packed into a lifetime, both personally and professionally. Looking back, I am a bit shocked too.

Shocked enough to write it all down, if I can,

I cannot see the stairway , but I have taken this first step in faith,  holding firmly onto the hand of the Almighty God who never ever left my side, even when I wandered around, will-fully lost at times.

Be back soon,

Susie Samuel

2 thoughts on “Dr. Susie Samuel”

  1. Dear Susie ,

    I hope, i hope you will remember me.
    I came to see you in 2013 with my daughter Ellen. She had a health issue @ the American school. And from the moment we came in to your office, you said to me that my daughter was unique . You told me she was special and that she was my only child. I don’t know how you did it, but you were right in your diagnostic, and about Ellen been my own child. And about needing special, as thanks to you we have found out she had a horseshoe kidney.

    6 month after, i came to see you, i was crying. All by myself. Frightened by some skin issue. You told me, out of no where, that life is like a journey. People living with us are our copassenger and some will leave the journey before us. Again you were right. (I lost my grand mother a week after this conversation wiyh you).

    And today, i don’t know why, your name came up to my mind . So I was looking for you on the net. To make sur you are ok. I hope you will read my message and answer me. You represents a very powerful souvenir from our 2 years stay in Chennai. We are now in Paris. I wish you and your beloved ones a Happy 2018. Sincerely yours
    Aura Levy

    1. Dear Aura Levy,
      How lovely to hear from you. It’s like a voice from the past now that we have retired. I remember you well. Kids from the American school had interesting diagnosis. Many were in the tropics for the first time.
      When kids fall ill in strange lands the panic buttons of the parents are at a higher level ! Hope the Horse shoe kidney has been addressed. Where is she studying now ?

      Sorry to hear about your Grandma.

      Those we truly love
      Never really die
      They live on
      In the love we shared
      In the memories we treasure
      And in the certainty
      That we will all meet again
      At His side when
      There will be no more tears
      And no more goodbyes.

      Happy new year
      Stay blessed


      Dr. Susie

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