Knitted and Knotted at Kiddies Korner

enter site Our first year timetable included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Tamil, Bio-statistics, Bible Class and sorting out our class-boys. We did not have to work overtime, to acquire the dubious title of the Disintegrated batch. We were a highly motivated, intelligent batch, with minds of our own and we marched to our own drum beat. If the boys said right, the girls said left. If the boys wanted up, the girls wanted down. We never agreed on anything and I do not remember a single class meeting ending amicably. Someone would always walk out in a huff followed by a trail of sympathisers. Sam and I, were the Class Reps in our first year and we lead both sides, across bruised and battered battle zones. It is an unsolved mystery how we ended up together.

mann sucht frau mit handynummer Many of our class boys claim that we scarred them emotionally for life. At the end of our first academic year, they could spell Equality backwards and in five different languages, with no hard feelings. This was excellent training for virtual reality and some of us even married some of them in later years. When Miss Poonen did not warden us, Miss Poonen taught us Biology in class. She also supervised our study periods in the Kiddies Corner, that followed prayers at 8pm. Seated at our desks on the ground floor, we would take hours to browse through the hymn books, searching for something to sing. Unfamiliar hymns would be chosen with great enthusiasm. When the number of the Hymn was announced, everyone would turn to the page and someone would start singing it to the wrong tune.  The rest of us would jump in, singing it in parts , with gusto and off key. This could be distinctly awkward, as the melody could sometimes finish before the lyrics, in every single line. Extra words, fraught with uncertainty, would remain suspended in mid-air, with no tune to match, or finish. This would have us in splits and Ma Poonen up in arms, shattering the religious thermostat she set, ever so carefully, with the animated readings from her Illustrated Children’s Bible. When she tired of scolding us, she would pray at us. The old dear, bless her, never gave up on us. Never.

rencontre sfisef Friendships forged under duress, have been known to survive time and distance. Bonding, under these circumstances, is totally devoid of pretense, creed or colour. Bonding is a need, a tool for survival, when unfamiliar challenges stare you in the face. Kiddies corner and 1964 was a year of experiment. A highly successful experiment, with friendships that started in our teens and survived into our 70s, spanning all the milestones of our lives.

single st. valentin Miss Poonen’s Kiddies Corner was a great way to start life and CMC. Survival in confined spaces has also been known to produce strong, fine women of substance. It certainly produced a Star studded cast in 1964. More about them later. After our batch, they scrapped the Kiddies Korner, as the seniors protested against the fragmentation of the Womens Hostel and wanted everyone under one roof.

وسطاء ال٠وركس ٠٠أسترال٠ا I do not think any of the ladies of the 1964 Batch, would ever trade the memories we shared at Kiddies Korner for anything in the world.

source url I know I would not.

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