Love Me , Love My Siblings

Growing up, my Mum was far too preoccupied with her siblings, to think of her own happiness or to dream of a life, with a family of her own. After she started working, she had a series of marriage proposals that eventually petered out and stopped coming , when the prospective suitors realised, that she would never leave her siblings. Anyone who married her would automatically acquire her siblings. And their families as well.

She refused to get married, as the proposals that came, were from young men who did not want her to continue her support to her family. Once they got married, she and her income as a doctor would, rightfully, belong to her husband and his family. My mother could never turn her back on her family. That would be the same as asking her not to breathe anymore. The man who married her would have to understand that and allow her to look after her family, long after the first flush of romance ended.

One man loved her enough to share her with her siblings. To get to know my Dad, Paramanantham Israel Samuel Baboo , you will need to come on a journey to Senthiambalem , a tiny village in the Tutucorin District in Tamil Nadu

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