Mammogram Month

Come January, I make the annual date with Rekha Cherian at the Precision Diagnostics in Besant Nagar, Chennai, to do my Mammogram and USG.

I dread it but I do it.

Sam, always comes along as moral support, wearing his best worried expression. I suspect, he is more apprehensive than I am. I could ask for the moon that morning and he would have borrowed my broomstick to fly up and pluck it out of the sky with a few stars thrown in.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour. Admittedly, the relentless compression of suspended flesh, between twin, cold, steel blades is awkward and painful. The wait for Rekha to finish her meticulous USG exam and pronounce judgement is harrowing.

But nothing compares to the relief I get to feel , when Rekha flashes her beautiful smile, to reassure me that all is well.

I have to exert great self control at that point in the examination, as I am tempted to jump up gratefully and clutch her to my sticky, gel covered, bare bosom. Instead, I grip the sides of the sides of the narrow table, with utter and total relief, mentally marking 365 days for an encore.

Unless, of course, I notice any tell tale sinister changes, when I would not wait. Neither should you.

I am writing this , baring all , to encourage all you lovely ladies reading this, to do the routine of self examination , annual mammograms after 45 and a Pap smear, if you still own property in Lady Land.

You owe it to yourselves.
You owe it to your families.

More so if you are someone with a risk factor.

Pick up the phone and make that appointment today

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