Sister Victor and the Miracle of Birth

uk Seroquel Our first few deliveries in the Labour Room, we watched as observers. Learning about the Anatomy and Physiology of the Passage and the Passenger, was fine between the covers of a book, or in a classroom.Watching it like a High Definition 3-D film, in real life, accompanied by Adrenaline driven audiovisuals, was another. I remember the first delivery I was witness to. I was assisting Sister Victor, the Senior Sister in Charge of Labour Room. She was so experienced and so very Senior, I think she may have been present, when I was born in CMC, 20 years before my posting as a medical student to the Attic, above the Labour Room.

click here My first patient was a young girl Latha, who was around my age. This was her first pregnancy and her husband, a man 10 years senior to her, was waiting in the corridor, outside Labour Room, waiting to hear their first child cry at birth. The corridor was not a waiting room and there were no seats for the patient’s relatives. This did not stop the relatives of the patient from huddling in groups, standing or sitting  outside, till they were herded away by the Hospital security, only to return later when the coast was clear.

source Communication between the patient and her relatives waiting anxiously in the corridor , happened only through a ventilator, positioned above the patient’s bed. Sometimes the pregnant patient would climb up on the railing of her bed, to get close to the Ventilator. A fall under the circumstances would have been disastrous. Mercifully, Latha blamed her husband for her present predicament and was too annoyed with him, to risk her life climbing up, to whisper sweet nothings through the ventilator.

registraduria nacional citas en linea I had helped the Nurse prep Latha and I had stayed with her as she progressed in Labour, persuading her to drink the milk her mother sent her in a flask and to eat the Idlis and chutney that were coming from her home. She was not interested in eating or drinking anything.  All she wanted to do, was to relieve herself every so often. She refused to use the bedpan we offered and would insist on waddling awkwardly to the toilets at the end of the corridor stopping to see the action in each cubicle.  She was not bothered that the white gown she wore, was open at the back , with the ties half-done, revealing everything. At the zenith of her contractions, her modesty was the last thing on her mind. We had been talking and I knew that she was frightened.

click When she was ready to deliver and bear down, Sister Victor was called.  She seemed to have everything under control and was explaining the Miracle of birth to me, perched precariously on a rotating steel stool, at the foot end of the cold steel Labour room cot.  Latha was in Lithotomy position, ready for the birth of her baby , with her legs up in the air, pulled apart and strapped in stirrups. A million trainee nurses were holding her down and encouraging her to push.

hombres cristianos solteros en estados unidos Unfrazzled, Sister Victor continued to explain the Miracle of birth to me, as I stood riveted a few steps behind her . Periodically, she would lift the green sheets that covered Latha’s nether region and peer in.  I could not concentrate on anything she was saying, from her rotating stool.  I was too distracted, by everything happening around me. Suddenly, there was a swoosh sound and there was water all over the floor, as Latha’s membranes ruptured and the amniotic fluid gushed out, mixing with the blood that the nurses were mopping up in turns. All I heard, were the terrified screams and grunts, that were coming from Latha’s head end . I felt so sorry for her. I could feel this huge lump in my throat.  I felt her pain and I felt as if every scream from Latha, was coming from me, even though my mouth appeared to be shut tight. Suddenly I saw a tuft of curly black hair appear and I saw Sister reach for the sterile scissors, poised to do an episiotomy on Latha, an incision that would help her deliver the head of her baby.

rencontre homme francais musulman That was the final straw.

recherche femme vue mariage I heard Sister Victor’s voice from a distance, “Susie, are you watching everything ?” .

There was no answer from Susie.

Susie had fled.

Susie had run out of the Labour room.

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