Susie Baboo,The Baby Snatcher If a kid is named after you, the kid belongs to you. So I thought.

broker per per iscriversi fare trading binari When Dr, Pathy  died, his eldest son, Dr. Paramathy Pathy, was in the UK doing his higher studies. His wife Pearl Williams, who with her parents had lived in the Parsonage with my Dad, during the Japanese Occupation, was in Kandang Kerbau Hospital having their first baby.

source site Unfortunately Dr. Pathy never saw his lovely little grand-daughter, who arrived, just after he died. When they were deciding her name , they found a note hand written by her Grandfather, Dr. Pathy, that said that if the baby was a girl, she was to be named Susie, after me, as I was a great favourite with him.

go I was thrilled that the baby was named after me and I displayed strong, possessive, characteristics.  I thought she belonged to me. Every Sunday after Church, I would run off with her, after the service at Christ Church,

Pokemon Card Maker (unofficial) SKINs allow you to Make your own Pokemon Card! iq optinon A powerful online TCG Maker / CCG Maker for making your I would clutch her close in my arms and run all the way back to the Parsonage in Keng Lee Road, without looking back. Nobody worried, as everyone knew that she was with me, as they would have seen me darting out of the Church gate. After the crowds at the church dispersed, Pearl Akka and Durai Annai, would come and rescue Susie.

click Another victim I kidnapped regularly after Church, was Mary Chacko,  the daughter of Uncle A.C. Chacko. She was born at the Parsonage and she was my Mother’s godchild. Mine on two counts. Mary’s Parents used to attend the Malayalam service which started after the Tamil Service. The interval between the 2 services, gave me ample time to clutch her to my lonely busom and run all the way home.

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