Sweet Pea

Wrapping up Sweet Pea 2016.

Sweet Pea Xmas 2016, an initiative by the Girl Child Group was launched to dress a girl child, this Xmas.

The beneficiaries for 2016 are kids affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Somewhere along the line, some lucky boys in the Adoni , Pratysha and Shelter orphanages and in Nammakkal, were included in the project. Total kids numbered 433.


1. Calvary Chapel Trust orphanage in Krishnagiri, recommended by Dr. Glory Alexander , ASHA Foundation.

2. Shelter Orphanage, Chennai, recommended by Dr. Daisy Dharmaraj Paul, TEST / Green Valley. Co- ordinated by Rev Solomon.

3. Adoni Orphanage, Kurnool recommended by Dr. Daisy Dharmaraj Paul, TEST / Green Valley, co-ordinated by Rev. Daniel Premkumar.

4. Pratysha Orphanage, Mellow Circle, Chennai, recommended by
Jachin and Elizabeth Jack

Entire Sweet Pea 2016 , Sponsored by Amit Khanna of Roshanlal, Chennai. Co ordinated by James Abraham, President of Mellow Circle.

5. Two TEST Community based HIV/AIDS programs in Andhra Pradesh recommended by Dr. Daisy Dharmaraj Paul.

5. Two Community based HIV/AIDS programs of CARE Trust,
recommended by Dr. Samuel N Mathew in Tamilnadu.
Kolli Hills.

6. Katpadi Street kids recommended by Usha Jesudasan

Cotton fabric from Pantheon Street , Chennai and Nalli Stores was washed, preshrunk and bled to be stitched as colourful, multi-tiered dresses for ages 1- 12.

Kurthas were stitched and matched with leggings for the ages 13-23.

Synthetic Sarees were bought for the Adult women.

The Boys in the Adoni Orphanage, the Shelter Orphanage and the community based project at Nammakkal were included. T-shirts and shorts were gifted to them along with the girls at the request of the authorities running these programs..

Sponsorship for stitching was undertaken by groups and by individuals.

Jute and Cloth Bags were bought from Stripes, an NGO based in Chennai.

The Goodie Bags with a Xmas card sponsored by  Sudhacolours,  were filled with

The Dresses
⁃ Girls Age 1-12 : Frocks
⁃ Girls Age 13-23 : Kurthas and Leggings
⁃ Boys : T-shirt and Shorts
A towel
A Pouch
Trinkets for the girls
⁃ hair clips
⁃ bracelets
⁃ bangles
⁃ necklaces
Crayons and colouring books for the little ones
Sanitary towels for the older girls
Nail Polish

Custom fit Sandals were provided at
Calvary Chapel Trust

15. The event : Sweet Pea Xmas 2016 Special lunch was Biriani and and an Indian Sweet.

We would like to thank the following kind hearted people, across the Globe, who linked hands to reach out to the kids with their time, talent and tithes, both in cash and kind.

ALL contributions and sponsorships are valued equally, thanked profusely and dedicated to the Sweet Pea Xmas 2016 with love and prayers.

This project was a thumping success because you decided to make it so.

Please track Sweet Pea Xmas 2017

See you then.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Till then Consider yourselves, hugged, kissed and blessed.

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