The Cadavers in the Anatomy Hall

follow site When we moved into the second year, we had to do Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.

click The Anatomy Dissection Hall was a grey building , with a high wall, at the end of the basketball court, behind the Women’s hostel. I could never understand, why dead bodies needed a high wall around the building that housed them. Most of the bodies used in dissection, came from The Central Jail in Vellore town. Some were unclaimed bodies from the hospital mortuary.

follow link A dead body is a corpse. When the corpse is used for medical or scientific purposes, it becomes a cadaver. In the Anatomy Hall where students learn from dissection, Cadavers are fixed in formalin to preserve them. These Cadavers in part, or whole, were preserved in formalin filled cement tanks, with a customised, cement lid that lifted upwards to rest against the wall when they needed to open the tanks. When the Cadavers were needed for dissection, the attenders would stand on high flat metal stools and fish them out, using mean looking iron hooks, tied to the end of a wooden pole.

binary option web com As they were dissected, the bodies were dismembered, which meant that parts of the body would float up, when the tank was agitated. Sometimes, a limb in part floated up. Sometimes, a head bobbed up and down, looked at us  with sightless eyes and went back in. Initially, this rather bizarre display of grey human parts, used to unnerve us and we used to look away, acutely uncomfortable.

site de rencontre gratuit 100pour100 The bobbing body parts and the pungent smell of formalin, impacted our lifestyle. We normally ate with our fingers, shoveling rice and curry into our mouths and licking our digits with relish. The Anatomy dissections changed all that. The smell of formalin lingering on the fingers, no matter how careful you were, changed all that. The new Anatomy students ate with spoons.  At least for the first few weeks, till the smell of Formalin became a way of life and old habits took over.

rencontre amicale haute savoie After a while, we were so acclimatised, to the cadavers, the smell of formalin and the dissection at Anatomy,  we forgot that they were human beings, who had once walked this earth like us. After a while, we forgot that they belonged to families and may have been someone’s parent, sibling or child.

watch Had they any inkling that the body they had bathed, washed and clothed, would lie as a cadaver under clumsy student hands, reeking of formalin ?  Did they have any idea that they would contribute to the pursuit of knowledge in a Medical College? Were they watching from a distance, as we dissected our way to a better understanding of the Human Body ?

source We were given a set of bones to study Osteology. Initially, they were replaced reverently in their bags after use. With time, they were used as paperweights and we even took them to bed, to revise surface markings before falling off to sleep.

go site Sometimes, we wondered what they were like, these forlorn bodies that floated up periodically. Most times they were just parts to be dissected, an upper limb, a lower limb,  a head , a neck a thorax, an abdomen, a pelvis.

miglior piattaforma opzioni digitali An mere object to learn on.


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