An Electrical Holocaust

440 volts of Electricity passed through the house after a diabolic electric surge
Accompanied torrential rains
To blow up The Fridge, The Washing Machine
The Dishwasher and The Microwave oven, along with
The water purifier, several tubelights, plug points, lights and adapters
And our favourite Lazyboys, no longer recline in front of a silent and blank TV
All this after a 15kv stabiliser was installed to protect the 1000 sq.foot habitat
Rolled up my nonexistent sleeves, gritted my teeth
Sang some unprintable expletives out of tune
And just finished pickling all the contents of the Freezer
Into the wee hours of the morning
Going to bed after a hot shower
Thank you God for sparing the geyser
Hope to wake up later
With all that I need to
Put into my cup…

Next life, I am going to live on an island
Eat off the trees swim in crystal clear waters
And sleep skimpy on the beach
Under starry skies
No AC, No Fridge, no washing machine
Nothing remotely electronic.
JSB…….Just Sheer Bliss.

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