Global Hospital and the Floods

You can take an Alumnus out of CMC but you can never take CMC out of an Alumnus.

Global Hospital, a Tertiary Corporate Hospital built at a cul-de-sac, on the Marshlands of Perumbakkam,OMR, has risen, like a Phoenix from the Ashes, to help in the Rescue and Rehabilitation of the Chennai Floods 1 and 2. The Diesel shuttle that plied up and down the road leading to Global Hospital carrying patients from the Main Perumbakkam-Shollinganallur Road, on hot and dusty days was swiftly replaced by a boat that ferried patients and staff to and from the Tertiary Corporate Hospital. Two CMC Alumni have proved the adage ” YOU CAN TAKE AN ALUMNUS OUT OF CMC, BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE CMC OUT OF AN ALUMNUS”. Dr. Subramanian Swaminathan Batch of ’91 is a reputed Consultant for Infectious Diseases at The Global Hospital. He has been the driving force of Operation Aftermath of the Chennai Floods at Global, truly the Gentleman of The Hour, in South Chennai. He has been spinning like a top, attending to the cases coming in, as well as ensuring the SOPs are in place to prevent epidemics within the community, a Herculean task by any stretch of the imagination. He also has a busy-back-to-back-schedule, slated with for extremely useful lectures about prevention of disease, timely interventions, vaccinations etc…all over town, corporate offices, medical camps and media. I am bursting with pride at the seams, seeing him work so tirelessly and selflessly. A tall, lanky, Cool Dude with a shock of premature grey, that belies his years, he lopes around with a reassuring, prophylactic smile, conveying a clear message that everything is under control never letting his challenges deflect the job at hand. So very, very proud of you Dr.Subra . The other Alumnus, who is giving me goose bumps, is Sr, Jothi Clara, The Nursing Director of the Global Hospital Group. She is an Alumnus of the the College of Nursing, CMC, batch of ’89. She has done a Stellar job in keeping it all to together. When I spoke to her she said, “Dr. Susie, Our patients come first ” in her quiet, confident voice. She and I could have been walking down the corridors, of any ward in CMC when she said that. That was an ageless never forgotten echo from the corridors of CMC, its Life and Times. The four words “OUR PATIENTS COME FIRST” could happen anywhere in the world, at any point in Time. Globally and at Global. If you turned around, to see who had said that, I can bet my false teeth, my wig and my artificial leg and a few other unmentionables , that there would be a CMC-ite at the end of that sentence. Sister Clara and her team of Nurses deserve a huge wave of appreciation for their unselfish dedication. So very proud of you Sister Clara. God bless you both, Dr. Subra and Sister Clara and the Team at Global. God could not be everywhere so He sent Angels like you both to minister to His people in need. I will try and copy and paste an update from Sister Clara so you can see what they did as a first person account. Please continue to pray for the work in Chennai after the deluge and in Global Hospital. They may leave you to work anywhere in the world, with challenges big and small, but, trust me, when I say that they NEVER leave CMC behind.

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