The morning after the wedding

Our wedding was in Christ Church Singapore, on Saturday , the 27th of November 1971.  After all the festivities were over, we crawled into my bed in my room in the parsonage in the wee hours of the morning.

No sooner had we shut our eyes when we were woken up as the sun came up.  We were taken to Christ Church for the Tamil service at 8 am. After the 8am Tamil service at Christ Church , my Dad drove us to the 11 am Tamil service in the Epiphany Church that he had built in the Naval Base , Sembawang.

When the 11 am service was over, we drove home where the entire family of parents, uncles, aunts and cousins were waiting to finish the wedding Biriani stored in the fridge over lunch. Somewhere between the Biriani and the Ice cream, Sam’s Dad a Telegu Methodist Pastor, announced that he had not understood a word of the Tamil services we attended in the morning.

He wanted to know if there was an English service he could attend in the evening. Before we knew it, we were taken to the English Evensong at the St. Andrew’s Cathedral at 6 pm. Sam by then, was beginning to look a bit blue around the gills and he muttered under his breath to me. Thank God there are no services anywhere else in Singapore after this.

When  we returned to India we went to Dudgoan, where Sam’s Dad had a special service where we were blessed all over again and met all of Sam’s family and friends. Between the Anglican Canon and the Methodist Pastor they made sure that we were blessed and sanctified by every congregation they could get their hands  after the wedding.

Signed, sealed and blessed on multiple occasions by various congregations , we returned to CMC , Vellore as Man and Wife..




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